Brawl Box Commands

This page contains an up-to-date list of all Brawl Box commands.
It was last updated on May 4th, 2021.


  • -box >> open a box.
  • -bigbox >> open a big box.
  • -megabox >> open a mega box.

  • -boxes (user) >> view the amount of boxes you purchased.
  • -counter (user) >> view the amount of boxes you opened.

  • -drops (user) >> view the chance of unlocking something.

  • -reward >> claim a reward, if there is one.


  • -perms >> view a list of enabled and disabled permissions.

  • Only members with the "Manage Server" permission can use the following:

  • -slowmode >> set the channel slowmode to 2 seconds.
  • -prefix >> view or change the command prefix.

  • -blacklist >> view a list of all blacklisted channels.
  • -blacklist add [channels] >> add channels.
  • -blacklist remove [channels] >> remove channels.


  • -brawler [brawler] >> view stats about a brawler.
  • -upgrade [brawler] >> upgrade a brawler to the next level.
  • -select (brawler) >> select a skin for a brawler.

  • -brawlers (user) >> view which brawlers you obtained.
  • -levels (user) >> view the levels of your brawlers.
  • -powerpoints (user) >> view the power points of your brawlers.

  • -profile (user) >> view a general overview of your account.

  • -prestige >> reset your maxed account and gain a tier.


  • -discord >> view a link to the Brawl Box support server.
  • -invite >> view a link to add Brawl Box to your own server.
  • -patreon >> view a link to the Brawl Box Patreon page.

  • -badges >> view a list of all obtainable badges.
  • -road >> view info about the trophy road and star points.

  • -info >> view some info about Brawl Box.
  • -news >> view the latest changes to Brawl Box.
  • -ping >> view the current latency of Brawl Box.
  • -stats >> view some basic stats about Brawl Box.


  • -shop >> view what items are in the shop.
  • -skins >> view the skins you purchased.

  • -buy [shopitem] >> purchase an item from the shop.


  • -coins (user) >> view the amount of coins you have.
  • -gems (user) >> view the amount of gems you have.
  • -starpoints (user) >> view the amount of star points you have.


  • -robo >> play a game of Robo Rumble
  • -game >> play a game of Big Game
  • -city >> play a game of Super City Rampage Voting

  • -vote >> view a link to vote for Brawl Box on
  • -claim >> claim your reward for voting.

Argument Definitions

Command arguments denoted by [] are required, while those denoted by () are optional.